Red Feather Trail Jamboree: Additional Info

Results 2022

  • UTMB Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc 20K Qualifying RaceUTMB Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc 50K Qualifying RaceStart: Ben Delatour Scout Ranch, Red Feather Lakes, Colorado
  • Distance: 50K (4,200′) or Half Marathon (1,700′)
  • Min/Max Elevation: 7,350′ / 8,500′
  • Average Elevation: 7,800′
  • Terrain: 80% singletrack, 20% dirt road
  • Fauna: Moose, raptors, elk, mule deer, black bears, mountain lions
  • UTMB Qualifier: 50K – 50K (OCC); Half Marathon – 20km
  • Registration Caps: 400 total
  • Time Allowance: 11 Hours (50K), 10 Hours (Half Marathon)
  • Date: September 2023
  • Start Time: 7:00a (50K), 8:00a (Half Marathon)


All finishers will receive a will receive a finisher award specific to their distance. Additional sponsor goodies will be raffled during the awards for each race.

There will be 1st-3rd Male & Female awards in both races in the following categories:

  • Overall
  • Under 40
  • Masters (40-49)
  • Grandmasters (50+)



Runners are highly encouraged to come camp on Friday night prior to the race! A plethora of campsites are available, most with dedicated parking. Camping may be selected as an Add-On when registering, or purchased separately later through the race store. We will be offering dinner in the camp dining hall, a community campfire, and want to make this a fun, family-friendly weekend outing for all!

Facility Map of the Ben Delatour Scout Camp

The Ben Delatour Scout Camp is located approximately a 1hr drive from Fort Collins, or 2hrs from downtown Denver (traffic dependent).

There are no hotels local to the camp, but a few AirBnB options are in the Red Feather Lakes area.



2022 Red Feather Trail Jamboree 50K Results
2022 Red Feather Trail Jamboree Half Marathon Results

Course Records 


Overall Men: Silas Thompson (2022) – 4:21:22
Overall Women: Virginia Thomas (2022) – 5:46:49

Masters Men: Rob Raguet-Schofield (2022) – 4:42:56
Masters Women: Katie Kent (2022) – 6:15:03

Grandmasters Men: Ed Delosh (2022) – 5:24:09
Grandmasters Women: Tina Duncan (2022) – 6:48:53

Half Marathon:

Overall Men: Kris Tyson (2022) – 1:42:09
Overall Women: Katelyn McDaniel (2022) – 1:48:08

Masters Men: Kris Tyson (2022) – 1:42:09
Masters Women: Jennifer Lee (2022) – 2:11:17

Grandmasters Men: Ben Kuster (2022) – 1:59:38
Grandmasters Women: Helen Degennaro (2022) – 2:16:27

Photos & Reports

2022 Red Feather Trail Jamboree Photos – Finish Line Volunteers
2022 Red Feather Trail Jamboree On Course – Forrest Barton