Red Feather Trail Jamboree: Additional Info

Registration 2024

  • Start: Ben Delatour Scout Ranch, Red Feather Lakes, Colorado
  • Distances: 50 Mile (8,500′ gain), 50K (4,200′ gain), Half Marathon (1,700′ gain)
  • Min/Max Elevations: 7,350′ / 8,500′ (50K/Half), 7,350′ / 10,828′ (50mi)
  • Average Elevations: 8,700′ (50mi), 7,800′ (50K/Half)
  • Terrain: 70-80% singletrack, 20-30% dirt road
  • Fauna: Moose, raptors, elk, mule deer, black bears, mountain lions
  • Registration Caps: 500 total
  • Time Allowance: 16 Hours (50Mi), 11 Hours (50K), 6 Hours (Half)
  • Dates: September 20-22, 2024
  • Start Times: 6:00a (50mi), 7:00a (50K), 8:30a (Half Marathon)
  • Kids Race:: FREE, 1mi, Sunday @ 11:30a


All finishers will receive a will receive a finisher award specific to their distance. Additional sponsor goodies will be raffled during the awards for each race.

We acknowledge and respect those who experience their gender identity in ways outside of the traditional male/female dichotomy, and are trying our best to provide non-binary opportunities in both the registration and results to reflect that. For the purposes of overall/age-group awards, non-binary runners will be eligible in their birth gender pool.

There will be 1st-3rd male & female awards in all races in the following categories for each distance:

  • Overall
  • Masters (40-49)
  • Grandmasters (50+)


Runners are highly encouraged to come camp! A plethora of campsites along with a few cabins are available. Both are available Thursday through Saturday, and may be selected as an Add-On when registering, or purchased separately later through the race store. We will be offering dinner Thursday-Saturday in the camp dining hall, a community campfire, and want to make this a fun, family-friendly weekend outing for all!

The campground is primitive, with each site typically equipped with a tent pad and bear box, along with a tap for running water and pit toilets available in each site cluster. Depending on the number of people opting to camp, we may open up a back lot for dispersed camping as well. Each site does not have its own dedicated parking spot, but parking is generally available throughout the campground within a few hundred yards.

Cabins consist of individual rooms in a pair of 6-plex buildings. Each room is separate with its own entrance/exit. There are two sets of bunk beds (four total twin mattresses) in the room, along with a couple nightstands/dressers. Plan to bring your own blankets/sheets/pillows. The rooms have lights, electricity and heat. Bathrooms are located 50-100 yards away in the Dining Hall, and showers are another 200 yards beyond. Cabins are available first-come, first-serve. We won’t have the staff to turnover cabins mid-stay, so you are simply renting out the room for the weekend, and are welcome to sublet if you desire. (The main reservation holder will be responsible for the replacement fee if the key is lost, though).

Modern bathrooms with running water and flush toilets are available at the Coral Rock Dining Hall, which will be open 24/7 and is 100-600 yards from all cabins and campsites. Hot showers are available at the camp shower house (200 yards closer to the campground / further from the cabins). Bring your own towels and soap. Note that the camp relies on pumping and treating its own well water, so please be conscious of your usage.

Also note that pretty much the entire camp is without cell phone service (which we think is a great attribute to build community :).

Facility Map of the Ben Delatour Scout Camp

The Ben Delatour Scout Camp is located approximately a 1hr drive from Fort Collins, or 2hrs from downtown Denver (traffic dependent).

There are no hotels local to the camp, but a few AirBnB options are in the Red Feather Lakes area.


2023 Red Feather Trail Jamboree 50K Results
2023 Red Feather Trail Jamboree 50 Mile Results
2023 Red Feather Trail Jamboree Half Marathon Results
2023 Red Feather Trail Jamboree 3 Day Challenge Results

2022 Red Feather Trail Jamboree 50K Results
2022 Red Feather Trail Jamboree Half Marathon Results

Course Records


Overall Men: Silas Thompson (2022) – 4:21:22
Overall Women: Maggie Shafer (2023) – 4:56:35

Masters Men: Rob Raguet-Schofield (2022) – 4:42:56
Masters Women: Katie Kent (2022) – 6:15:03

Grandmasters Men: Ed Delosh (2022) – 5:24:09
Grandmasters Women: Olga King (2023) – 6:37:15

50 Mile:

Overall Men: Jim McCue (2023) – 9:39:24
Overall Women: Emma Horton (2023) – 10:25:15

Masters Men: Rob Raguet-Schofield (2023) – 10:50:48
Masters Women: Cynthia Bass (2023) – 15:05:20

Half Marathon:

Overall Men: Ryan Smith (2023) – 1:37:23
Overall Women: Katelyn McDaniel (2022) – 1:48:08

Masters Men: Kris Tyson (2022) – 1:42:09
Masters Women: Jennifer Lee (2022) – 2:11:17

Grandmasters Men: Ben Kuster (2022) – 1:59:38
Grandmasters Women: Helen Degennaro (2022) – 2:16:27

Photos & Reports

2023 Red Feather Trail Jamboree Photos – Half Marathon & Kids Race
2023 Red Feather Trail Jamboree Photos – 50K
2023 Red Feather Trail Jamboree Photos – 50 Mile

2022 Red Feather Trail Jamboree Photos – Finish Line Volunteers
2022 Red Feather Trail Jamboree On Course – Forrest Barton