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Horsetooth RockGnar Runners events are designed to promote enthusiasm and passion for the sport of mountain, trail and ultrarunning in and around the beautiful mountains of Northern Colorado. 

Whether you are leading the charge at the front of the field, playing host in the middle of the pack or chasing course cut-offs, our dirt-based races are geared towards helping you achieve your off-road running goals in stunning outdoor environments.

While we seek to create challenging courses on as much gnar-filled terrain as we can reasonably find, we also guarantee impeccably marked courses, bountiful aid stations and a post-race atmosphere to remember.

Be gnarful out there!

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Quad Rock 50/25 and COVID-19

We are all weighing the unknown right now, as the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly every level of each of our lives. As race directors, our small event is greatly outweighed by our concern for the health of our community and the quickest possible return to normalcy.

Quad Rock’s scheduled date of May 9 lies right on the outer edge of the current 8-week window recommended by the CDC for cancellation of large events. We are in constant contact with our permitting agencies, and monitoring recommendations from public health administrations.

We are continuing to prepare as if the race will occur on May 9.

If higher authorities do not make the decision for us, we will make the final go/no-go decision on Monday, April 27.

If the race does not proceed on May 9, we are working to postpone rather than cancel, targeting a mid-August date. Current entrants will have the option to:

  • Stay registered for the Quad Rock 2020 makeup date later this year
  • Receive 100% transfer credit toward Quad Rock 2021
  • Receive 75% transfer credit toward any of our other events
  • Both transfer credit options are available starting today, out of respect for runners who wish to withdraw before our own final decision is made. If you would like to request a transfer, please contact:

We are taking the precautionary step of discontinuing invitations from the waitlist. With the high degree of uncertainty, we do not feel comfortable taking additional registrations until a decision is made. If the event proceeds, invitations to cover any open entry slots will go out on April 27. Wait list invitees will only be charged if they accept the invitation.

If Quad Rock does take place in May, it will include:

  • Drop bag service for every aid station
  • Individual servings at aid stations (no communal bowls/plates)
  • Gloves for every volunteer and hand sanitizer on every table
    And other steps as appropriate – your recommendations are welcome!

As ultrarunners ourselves, we are doing our best to strike a balance between doing right by you and ensuring we have the capacity to continue Quad Rock next year and beyond. Please contact us any time with questions.

Brad Bishop & Nick Clark
Gnar Runners

P.S. Wash your hands

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