Never Summer 100km IS A GO

We are very happy to announce that the 2020 Never Summer 100k will go ahead as planned on the weekend of July 25/26.

Many thanks to State Forest State Park, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners, and innumerable friends and resources who helped craft a plan under which the event can safely happen.

There’s a fair bit to communicate. Whether you are a runner, volunteer, pacer or crew – we need you to read it all – before you come to the race including our full list of safety protocols and race changes.  

As the pandemic continues to evolve, there is a strong chance some of these protocols will change too. All changes will be communicated via email and on our website – but it is ultimately your responsibility to read, understand and follow the full list.  The intent of these protocols matters more than exact wording – so please don’t look for loopholes – and do your best to embrace the changes and our need to manage everyone’s safety. 

If you feel like you cannot or do not want to deal with this year’s changes, then we are offering a full deferral to next year’s race (see below).

Summary of main race changes for 2020:

  • ALL participants (runners, volunteers, crews, pacers) are required to:
    • Preregister
    • Wear a mask at all times, except when 1) running 2) eating/drinking
    • Have a contactless Temperature Check upon arrival.  Those with temperatures above 100.4F will be required to leave
  • Clear Lake (mile 39.4/43.9) and Canadian (mile 50.1) Aid will be combined into Clear-Canadian Aid (mile 37.7/44.0).
  • Slight course change on the north end, shortening total distance to just under 62 miles. 
  • Ranger Lakes Aid (mile 62.0) is eliminated
  • 55K option may be added (to be confirmed)
  • Limited Menu & Service at Aid Stations
  • Drop Bags available at all Aid Stations
  • Crew/Pacers limited to 2 total per runner
  • Wave Starts
  • No Sunday Awards/Breakfast

We all look forward to a fun, relaxed atmosphere celebrating a return to racing, yet we all also appreciate that things will look a little different. Our approval to hold this race is contingent on following the safety protocols that have been submitted to, and approved by, State Forest State Park and Jackson County. We appreciate you playing your part. Those not cooperating will be asked to leave and could be subject to disqualification.  We really don’t want to have to do that, so let’s all play by the rules and continue to gain trust as a responsible user group. 

If you feel unsafe taking part with the protocols we plan to put in place, or you feel like this year’s race experience will not be fulfilling for you, we encourage you to defer.  100% credit transfer to 2021 will remain open for another week, through the end of the day on June 16, after which point our normal deferral policies will resume. If you would like to defer your entry, please email:

We will begin opening up available spots to waitlisted runners after June 16, once we have a clear picture of our entrant numbers.

As runners and race participants ourselves, we are doing our best to strike a balance between offering a fulfilling race experience and ensuring we can manage risks to your health and safety. Please contact us any time with questions and we will do our level best to respond within 24 hours:

Nick Clark & Brad Bishop
Gnar Runners

P.S. We are working to update all race information in all locations as quickly as possible in light of our newly-approved COVID-19 Safety Protocols.  We appreciate your patience.  If you have questions or find conflicting information, please email us.


4 thoughts on “Never Summer 100km IS A GO

  1. If there is a 55K offered, will it only be for existing 100K runners. Or,will it be open for general registration?

  2. A few common Q&A we’ve been seeing in response to our news about Never Summer:

    Can I still sign up?
    No. We’re sorry, but the race is sold out. We have an existing wait list over 100 people long, and know we will not clear those already on it.

    Can I sign up for the 55k?
    No. If it gets approved, the 55k option is only for registered 100k runners whose training may have been affected by the pandemic but still want to race.
    We DO hope to add the 55k as its own race in the future – just not this year.

    Will Never Summer still be a Western States/UTMB qualifier?
    Yes. The course change was minimal.
    We do not plan on applying for UTMB points for the 55k this year, though.

    How is the course being changed?
    A slight re-route in the north portion, using a cut-off trail. More single track, less cow patty mud. 🙂 Maps and description (and hopefully pictures) coming soon.

    Rather than deferring, can I pass my entry on to my friend / family member?
    No. Priority for open entry slots goes to officially wait listed runners, some of whom have been patiently waiting for months.

    My friends/family want to come to the race, but will not be crewing me. Do they count toward my 2-person crew limit?
    Yes, anyone attending on your behalf counts toward your limit, and will need to be registered with you. We strongly discourage spectators in general this year. Please understand this is for 2020 only, and we look forward to a full community celebration next year and beyond.

    Is additional camping available at Race HQ?
    No. Our capacity is beyond full. We will not be opening additional spots, even if runners currently signed up to camp defer.

    • No updates yet. There are some details we’re still waiting for final word from the park on. Sorry for the wait – it’s frustrating for us all.

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