Never Summer 100km – Wave Starts & More

Are you excited?  In just 3.5 short weeks, our adventure together begins!  Thank you for your patience as we work through all of the changes for this year’s race.  There is plenty to communicate, and you can look forward to more messages highlighting specific parts of this year’s event.

The park has given us final details and approval.  The Safety Protocols document has been updated.  Here are the major updates you need to know:

Runners will be starting in waves of 10 every 5 minutes. Based on UltraSignup predicted times, runners start in order from fastest to slowest so additional spreading of the field occurs as the race progresses.

The first wave of runners will start at 3:00a and our final wave will leave just before the regular race start at 5:25a. We understand that the early start times are not optimal, but we have to balance wave starts with the need to have runners off Montgomery Ridge before afternoon thunderstorms become more likely.  Wave assignments can be found here.  Runners wanting to request a wave swap can email with their request & rationale no later than July 19.

Cut-Offs will be enforced by wave groups.  This gives all runners roughly equal time on course, and removes the pressure for those chasing cut-offs to seek earlier starts.

The race is capped at 300 runners.  Limited waitlist invites are going out now.

The 60km option is remains open.  We appreciate those who can opt into the 60km in advance of race day, but you may also make the decision to divert when you reach Montgomery Aid (mile 23.2) during your 100km effort.

Clearly Canadian Aid (mile 37.7/44.0) will NOT be crew access.  We are adding a Crew Rally Point (mile 44.7) just down the road.  This will be a staffed area with water, and is the earliest point that pacers can join their runners.  Crews can get here by hiking 2.5mi in from the parking area at the north end of the main park road (CR41).

The final course map, aid station table, and GPX file are now online.  The approved course comes out to 61.0 miles, and retains its status/points as qualifiers for Western States and UTMB.  

Necessary Gear.  As additional safety margin this year, runners are STRONGLY recommended to carry a rain jacket, gloves, hat, and capacity for 40oz of water at all times, as well as a headlight upon leaving Ruby Jewel Aid (mile 29.4).

Crew/Pacer Registration & Additional Waiver for Runners.  Everyone – Runners, Crews, Pacers, etc – needs to sign and agree to this form, promising to adhere to safety protocols and proper contact tracing.  All signees will receive a personalized bib.  No signature -> no bib -> no participation.  Personal information will be kept confidential.

The deadline for full deferrals to 2021 has passed.  Requests to defer from now through July 19 will receive 50% credit toward a future race.

We are working to update all race information on our website as quickly as possible, and appreciate your patience.  If you have questions or find conflicting information, please email us.

We look forward to a memorable weekend in the woods and on mountain tops with you.  Stay safe, enjoy your taper, and you’ll hear from us again very soon.

Nick & Brad
Gnar Runners

P.S. Wash Your Hands

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