Volunteer Schedule

We wouldn’t be able to put on this race without the help of our wonderful volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer at Quad Rock, please sign up here. If you have questions, please email us at volunteer@gnarrunners.com.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

8/14 Friday
Packet pick-up at Altitude Running: 3:45pm to 7:15pm
150 East Harmony Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80525 (NE corner of College and Harmony), from 4:00 – 7:00pm

8/15 Saturday Race Day

Parking, check in and set up: 3:45am to 8:00am

Towers Aid station: 5:00am to 6:00pm
Runners will be on Towers Rd during the race so we would like volunteers who can stay and work the entire day to keep vehicles off the route during the race.
Split shifts are available 5am to 1pm or Noon to 5-6pm if volunteers can hike/run in and out from the aid station location.

Horsetooth Trailhead Aid Station: 6:00am to 11:30am or 11:30am to 5:00pm

Arthur’s Trailhead Aid Station: 7:00am to 11:00am or 11:00am to 3:00pm

Arthur’s East Trailhead Aid Station: 12:30pm to 3:30pm or 3:30pm to 7:30pm

Finish Aid Station: 8:00am to 1:00pm

Finish Timing: 8:00am to Noon, Noon to 4:00pm, or 4:00pm to 8:00pm

Parking, Course Marshals, Extra Finish Area Help: 7:00am to 11:00am, 11:00am to 3:00pm, 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Course Sweep: 2:10pm Arthur’s Trailhead to the Finish (17.8 miles) or 3:00pm Arthur’s Trailhead back to Soldier Canyon (7.4 miles)

Clean Up: 6:00pm to 9:00pm

8/16 Sunday – Flexible hours
Double check course sweep.
Pick up remaining gear from park storage shed
Clean tables, coolers, bins, and other race gear.
Organize and re-pack supplies.