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We hope for close-to-normal conditions on race day, as related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Current race information reflects a normal year.  Details may change as race day approaches, and any changes will be communicated to registered runners well in advance.  For reference, here are the 2020 COVID Safety Protocols.

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2020 Photos

Terry Grenwelge, Deb Powell, Orea Media, Niki Veldman, RunUphill Racing

2019 Photos

Erin Bibeau Photography

AJ Cohen Video

Brett Andrew Rindt Photos

2019 Race Reports

David Johnson – 50 Miler

2018 Photos

Erin Bibeau Photography

2017 Photos

Erin Bibeau Photography

2017 Race Reports & Feedback

Jim Rebenack – 50 Mile Winner Race Report

Tim Barr – 50 Mile Race Report

I wanted to thank you guys for such an awesome experience in the Quad Rock 50 this Saturday. Feels so great to have finally completed my first ultra & to have it be this crazy hard course on top of that! Gahh, Mill Creek!! All of the volunteers & all the aid station help were totally a life saver. I definitely want to send a huge thank you their way too! I loved being out there in such a positive, supportive atmosphere with fellow trail runners & volunteer crews alike!
~ Diane – Fort Collins, CO

2016 Photos

Erin Bibeau Photography

Ultra Runner Magazine photos by Mahting Productions

Terry Grenwelge’s 50 Mile photos

Terry Grenwelge’s 25 Mile photos.

2016 Race Reports & Feedback

A Bone-Soaking DFL by Brandon Yonke – Ultra Running Magazine August 2016

Jacob Wyatt – 2016 50 Mile Race Report

Siobhan Pritchard – 2016 50 Mile Race Report

Sandra Carpenter – 2016 50 Mile Race Report

Tim Barr – 2016 25 Mile Race Report

Denver Fox 31 Chris Tomer runs the Quad Rock 25 Mile Trail Race.

I wanted to thank you and your many volunteers for putting on a first class race yesterday at Quad Rock. Even though I got pulled for time I thoroughly enjoyed myself in a sick sort of way. Thanks again.
~Matt – Broomfield, CO

First the race yesterday was flawless! A far cry weather wise from last year, that’s for sure. For me the conditions were perfect!

I wanted to say first that in talking to three other runners while we were out there we all concurred that it’s so awesome when the RD’S are runners, because you understand the inner workings of a race and how they play out. This is such a great race, when it comes to course and volunteers and everything involved, so kudos to the both of you! I have the utmost respect for what you do.
~Sandra Carpenter

Great job on the race on Saturday! It was a very well run race and the course was well marked and a lot of fun! Thank you,

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for putting on such a great race this year. It was my first in your series, and certainly first quadrock, but I’m excited to come back for more. Cheers,
~Marina Fleming

Another incredible job putting on a race, guys. And great seeing so many friends out there doing so well, and so many others helping out! A+
~Ed Delosh

2015 Feedback 
Thank you for putting on such a great event yesterday. Your course, volunteers and everything about the race were top notch! I had a great time out there despite feeling like I was going to melt. I look forward to coming back next year. ~ Jeanne Cooper

I just wanted to say a huge THANKS to all of the aid station volunteers from Sunday.  They were absolutely incredible.  I’ve never felt so taken care of, with ice, ice water, buckets, pools, popsicles… you name it. I’d heard such great things about this race from folks who have done it before, and I was still blown away.Thanks to all of the folks who put it on as well.  It was truly a test of more than simple physical endurance, and one that I will carry with me for a while. ~ Mike Lammond

I just wanted to say thank you for putting together such a well organized, well supported, kick-ass race. The volunteers were amazing and took such good care of all of the runners. They really played a large part in making the race the wonderful experience that it was. And I really appreciated that weeks before the race you took the time to answer my emails. Not all race directors do. The race was an adventure I will never forget from rattlesnakes to supportive volunteers to an amazing sunrise and sunset. Coming in last felt like I won race. 🙂 ~ Catherine Dillon

I wanted to sincerely thank you for the encouragement and reminder of how great it is just to have the day outside on the trails, regardless of fitness level and need for naps along the way! You are THE best race director I’ve experienced hands down… you’re coming from the right place, and I appreciate it a lot, as i’m sure all of us do. ~ Laurie Halee

Awesome job, guys!  I ran the Quad Rock 25 this past weekend and had a blast.  Top notch volunteers, well stocked aid stations that made it hard to continue on, idiot proof course markings, and a post race feast that is second to none.  I’m so glad a quality race series like yours exists in the Frange.  I have next years Never Summer 100k on my radar for my first big girl run. ~ Kristi Ehle

I just want to thank you guys from my heart for doing such an incredible job of putting on a terrific and well supported race.  You guys know how to do it right in the Fort!  Thank goodness you have the experience to know what is important to the runners out on the trails, especially in the myriad of conditions this area of Colorado can dish up!!I would have been sunk without the water.  It was plentiful, and so cool and refreshing at the aid stations.  Being a lumbering sort of runner, I am always concerned that by the time I get to the aid stations the supplies will be gone.  I lovedthe sodas and snacks – they gave me many much needed boosts.  And, again, thank you for the water!!!Finally, I have never been any great shakes as a runner, but it is my passion, and I am always looking for something “tough” to do, to find out what I have inside to help me through, just as long as it can be on trails in the mountains.  In my dreams, I am an ultrarunner, though reality has been far different for me.  You gave me the chance to reach for a tough goal in an absolutely gorgeous setting.  I have never run 25 miles on a trail run before.  Coming across that finish line was one of the most incredible highlights of my life.  Thank you SO very, very much for this gift!!! ~ Kathy Kruse

Thank you for being so accommodating and for doing all the extra work to pretty much put the race on again. I had a great time and your volunteers were awesome! ~Marco Santarsiere

Thank you for putting on such a great race today! The course, race organization, volunteers and post race were amazing! I really enjoyed the time out on the course, even though my legs were into racing today. I won the raffle for the Blue Sky Marathon entry and look forward to coming back to more Gnar Runner events. Hopefully, I’ll be able to race Quad Rock again next year as well. ~ Julia Veseth

I wish you could run your race to realize how AWESOME it is. Congratulations on such a well organized and beautiful race! Thank you to all the volunteers (how often does one get to see friends at each aid station?). Food, massage, ice, all was good. ~ Marie-Helene Faurie

This morning I know why they call it ‘Quad Rock’…What a great race! A hot one, but a great one… Thanks so much to the volunteers and everyone out there – what an awesome day! ~ Sandra Carpenter

AWESOME RACE! Wow that sun & course were brutal. ~ Joey Gillespie

2014 Photos

Erin Bibeau Photography: 2014 Gallery
Web size images can be downloaded from Erin’s site for 99 cents for personal use. Additional sizes and prints are available online but if you would like any other format, cropping, or touch ups, please contact Erin directly.

Coloradoan Newspaper: Photo Gallery

2014 Race Reports


Erin Bibeau Photography: 2013 Gallery
Web size images can be downloaded from Erin’s site for 99 cents for personal use. Additional sizes and prints are available online but if you would like any other format, cropping, or touch ups, please contact Erin directly.

2013 Race Reports

2013 Feedback

Just wanted to say what a beautiful course that was and how well the race was organized. The volunteers were stellar – every aid station was super well stocked and the volunteers were really helpful. Although I ended up dropping back to the 25 mile vs 50, I enjoyed the day so much and it was a huge challenge even at that! Thank you for your hard work to put this on – your race is quickly becoming a classic “hard man” run. The buzz is out there. ~ Christine French

Will you guys rub icyhot on my aching calves? they hurt real bad!! ~ Scott Slusher

Quad Rock was by FAR the best race i have ever ran. The course was super tough. All the sights and sounds during the run defiantly kept my mind where it needed to be. The aid stations were stocked with all my favorite goodies (gummies bear). The volunteers were fantastic!

I felt great the whole run!!!
The beer, food and people at the finish line made all that hard work totally worth it.

The only bad thing that happened was my wife put my finish mug on top of my bag in the car, as soon as i opened the door the mug came crashing out and broke into pieces… 🙁

I will defiantly be back next year!!! Im going to look into other runs you guys put on to enter too just because Quad Rock was so much fun!!! Thanks for a freakin awesome time!!! Robbie Pike

Thank you for hosting an absolutely amazing race. That course was wicked tough but was really fun. Also the beer was quite tasty at the finish.
See you next year ~ Andrew Poland

Nick and Pete – thanks for the fabulous race. You guys did a great job. Every aspect of the event was first rate. ~ Jamie Kilcoyne

Great event. Well organized and tons of great single track. Will be back next year. ~ Julian

Thank you again for letting us in at the last minute. We really enjoyed the run, the volunteers and the after-race food, etc. were first class. It is rare that I don’t have any suggestions on how to improve an event, but please don’t change anything. ~ David Brenner

This was my first race of this distance and one of the most fun days I’ve had in a long time! Thanks for putting it together, beautiful course, magical day! ~Jeremy Epstein

So well done! I was happy I was able to participate. Great race. Great organization. And you were right, great quad sore! ~ Philippe

Thanks for a fabulous day Nick and Pete! I loved your course and the volunteers were amazing…I will be back ~ Andrea Risi

You guys put on a great race! I get to see a lot of events, big and small, some great, some not so great, all over the endurance community. Quad Rock is a gem and you guys will continue see great success in that race! Kudos to you for putting on a good show! ~ Jason Koop

It was a great race on an amazing course with the best aid stations and volunteers. As a flat-lander (from Nebraska), it chewed me up and spit me out – and I loved it! Thanks for a great event! ~ Mark Berry

The thanks is to you – it was a great race, really well marked, very clear instructions, awesome volunteers and delicious food at the aid stations and finish line – you showed us all what an ultra event should be. ~ Samantha Wagget

The race was a lot of fun. I enjoyed trails, the glorious weather, company, and scenery. It was well organized and professional. Thanks for featuring my photo on the website. ~ Lindsay Martin

Nick and Pete, THANK YOU for a wonderful event and experience — you guys put your hearts into it and it shows. The memories will last for years in hundreds of people. ~ Lane Eskew

Thanks a ton guys, for putting on a really great event. Super well organized, well marked, and all-around awesome. Very much appreciated bu all. Well done! -CS

LOVED this race!! This was a tough one for sure!! Holy cow man, my fricking quads are shot!! Feels like my legs were beaten with a bat…..feels great 🙂 I sure was happy to see that finish line. Such beautiful conditions and awesome volunteers. Thank you for organizing. Will do it again for sure. ~ Kyle Kingrey

The QR course, trail markings, aid, volunteers were fantastic and made for a super fun day out on the trails. ~ Bryan Williams
Thank you for putting on an incredible event. The course is off the charts for difficulty and beauty. Organization was fantastic. With the exception of vertical and suffering (there was a ton of that) we experienced a little bit of everything out there with sun, rain, lightning, thunder, hail and mud. I loved it. ~ Kraig Koski

Thanks for an EXCELLENT event on Saturday. Great course, awesome volunteers and fun post race party. Congats to you, Pete and the volunteers. ~ Yvonne Allmaras

Thank you for putting-on a fantastic race! I am most impressed with how smoothly every aspect of the race transpired. The course was well selected for scenery and difficulty. The course markings were superb. Everyone helping with the race was friendly. Thank you. ~ David Ruttum

Thanks for hosting a really stellar event! Aid stations and volunteers were all great… Course was beautiful, and finish line food, including some vegan fare, was much appreciated. The shirts are great too. ~ Deb Pero

Thanks so much for a great event. Beautiful day, outstanding volunteers, pleasant company on the trail. Well done, and looking forward to giving the 50 a go next year. Horsetooth trail network is as good as it gets – coming from the flatlands i wasn’t as well prepared as I should have been for the grade changes, but that just helped build character 🙂 ~ Tom Norris

Thank you guys for putting on such a great event! It’s really awesome to have such a terrific race in the Fort. It’s great for our community and much appreciated. Such a great vibe and well managed as well. We’re lucky to have you guys here. Happy and healthy running Gents! See you at the Black Squirrel! ~ Mike Rubsam

I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful race on Saturday. Gill and I thoroughly enjoyed the course, aid stations, company and weather. Fort Collins was new to us, and it has been really nice to explore the area. Thank you for all your work, and thank you to all your crew. ~ Francesca Conte

I want to personally thank you for putting together such a great race experience yesterday. It’s kind of cheating to start out with such nice trails, but it takes real talent to combine those with fine course marking, the best aid stations, and a super fun post-race party. You guys put together an exemplary event which serves as a model for how races ought to be run. One complaint: You should adjust the course profile to reflect that the Horsetooth Westridge trail is net uphill in both directions. ~ Andy Gisler

Last year I volunteered at quad rock and I just had to run it. I still can’t believe I ran 5 hours despite running about 20-25 miles a week and only 2 15 mile runs in the past 7 months. The race was so professionally done. The markings were great and the aid stations fully stocked. Thanks for all your hard work and I am grateful that you live in this community. I just signed up for blue sky. I’m gonna train for this one! I have the bug! See ya soon. ~ Tina Duncan

I am still on a runners high!! Although I ran this race with two foot stress fractures (yes, lots of Advil), it was my first marathon and I LOVED every second of it. You all did a fabulous job and I just cannot thank you enough for making my first real long race, a wonderful one! I wrote the poem below to express my thanks!!!!

Predawn voices whisper upon the foothill’s skyline
we see our breath for an instant
and like early morning dew,
summer’s first showing steals it away.

Soft minutes pass and our eyes draw eastward
to witness poppy-colored clouds
bloom upon a green horizon.
We move, spellbound by morning’s first light.

Stories and footsteps play off of rock and sand
echoing meadowlarks and chickadee song;
we all greet day with delight and purpose.

Sweat stained cheeks and mud-stubbled legs
slowly climb Colorado’s rocky spine.
And soon enough, in child-like glee, I skip down
howling in the joy of movement!

Ascending again with resolve and grit,
our legs move us in one direction
toward something bigger.

Nearing the end – or perhaps it is really the beginning –
I see a trail worn-in by happy spirits
bringing me to a place of complete fullness.

Warm, open arms meet me after a day’s work,
relishing with cold beer and earnest sun.
While spits of rain remind us we are still outside
in nature’s clean, good grasp!

Arms stretched, lying back on grassy dirt
soaking in Colorado’s reflection – my love-of-a-lifetime
I realize truth:

This moment, this day, today.

Everyday here.

is the greatest.

As it always should be.

~ Susie Strife


Erin Bibeau Photography: 2012 Quad Rock Gallery
Web size images can be downloaded from Erin’s site for 99 cents for personal use. Additional sizes and prints are available online but if you would like any other format, cropping, or touch ups, please contact Erin directly.

Eric Lee’s Photos:
2012 Quad Rock – On Course
2012 Quad Rock – Arthur’s Aid Station
Eric’s photos are free for runners to use. Email him directly at if you want a high res image.

Rob Erskine’s Photos:
2012 Quad Rock – Horsetooth Aid Station

2012 Race Reports:

2012 Feedback:

Just wanted to let you both know what a great event your inaugural QuadRock was. I had 7 clients at QR Sat (3-25M & 4-50M) and all had praise and gratitude. Your “feel good” course markings and the lack of wandering around at intersection confusion, made this 1st time running event very pleasant and reassuring. And I cant say enough about the aid station help ….most of the time there was more aid help then runners. And what excellent single track trails you have! Your choice of route was spectacular, just the right amount of climbing and downhill-flow factor. BTW my GPS said 12,319ft for gain, just a little extra credit in my book! All said you guys put on a awesome race! And I’ll be promoting it with my clients in the years to come!


Cindy Stonesmith CMT ACSM/HFS
Running Endurance Coach
Cert. Massage Therapist

Just wanted to say great job on the first running of the event. It was highly organized, remarkably well flagged, with friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable aid station volunteers.

Nick, yes, I think you are sadistic putting the average joe through that much climbing, however, what a great place to run with awesome singletrack.
You folks are lucky to have that training ground out your back door.

Pete, I greatly appreciated the 14 hour pacing plan. Having no previous knowledge of the course or terrain, it was very helpful in my successful finish.

Thanks to both of you and all of the volunteers. – Mark