Aid Stations

Aid Station Segment Splits

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Aid Station
Mile Split
Total Distance
Vertical Gain
Vertical Descent
Towers Road 5.1 7.1 1460 170
Horsetooth Trailhead 3.2 10.3 420 1540
Towers Road 3.8 14.1 1641 484
Arthur’s Trailhead 3.4 17.5 323 1644
Soldier Canyon 7.4 24.9 1444 1617
Arthur’s Trailhead 7.4 32.3 1617 1444
Towers Road 3.4 35.7 1644 323
Horsetooth Trailhead 3.8 39.5 484 1641
Towers Road 3.2 42.7 1540 420
Arthur’s Trailhead 5.1 47.8 170 1460
Soldier Canyon Finish 2.3 50.1 115 268

With the exception of the Arthur’s aid station at mile 2 and mile 47.8, all aid stations will be fully stocked and staffed with volunteers. At mile 2, a volunteer will direct traffic onto the correct route down the valley trail but will not check bib numbers. At mile 47.8, volunteers will check bib numbers and provide limited aid support.

On hot days we may have an additional water drop on the access road behind Arthur’s Rock at about mile 21 on the first loop and mile 29 on the second loop. Please plan on carrying enough water from Arthur’s or from the Finish area to get up and over the 7.4 mile leg. This water is primarily intended to help 50 milers who may get caught short on water on the slower trip back up and over to the Arthur’s aid station. We will communicate yes/no on this water drop on race week. 

The food selection will be simplified.  Priority will be given to foods runners are unable to provide in their drop bags (ice, popsicles, fruit, hot sandwiches). All full service aid stations will stock the following items:

  • VFuel gel packets and sports drink
  • Water and Ice (Ice may be limited at the Towers aid station)

The following items may be subject to change depending on the weather forecast and what we may find in season on race week. But you can count on a general selection of the following items:

  • Salty snacks: Pretzels, potato chips
  • Fruit: Oranges, Bananas, Watermelons
  • Sweets: M&M’s, Gummy bears
  • Soda: Coca-Cola, Ginger Ale

*All runners are required to carry their own water bottle or hydration pack.

Drop Bags

Runners can place drop bags at every aid station.  We want runners to have this extra resource, to help make up for more limited crews & aid.  Runners can also use their drop bags to avoid high risk areas in aid stations by self-aiding.

  • Drop bags for Towers Aid (miles 7.1 / 14.1 / 35.7 / 42.7) are strongly discouraged due to space constraints, and must be dropped off Friday night.  This allowance is only in place to serve runners with significant special needs.
  • Drop bags for Horsetooth Aid (miles 10.3 / 39.5) must be dropped off Friday night
    • If a Friday night drop-off imposes significant difficulties for you, email the RD.
  • Drop bags need to be a reasonable size (small duffle bag / gallon ziplock), soft-sided, and contain no breakable items or valuables
  • Drop bags need to clearly labeled with runner Name, Bib Number and Location
  • Drop bags cannot be protected if rain/hail occurs.  Prepare accordingly
  • Sanitizing spray/wipes will be available for runners & volunteers who handle drop bags

Drop bags will not be returned to the start until after aid stations close (Arthur’s: 3p or later; Horsetooth: 6p or later; Towers: 7p or later).

If you finish early and need your drop bags before heading home, you are welcome to drive around to the Arthur’s or Horsetooth trailheads to pick up your bags. There are no early returns of Towers bags.

Items left over after the race will be left in a lost and found box at Altitude Running for two weeks before being donated. 

Crew Access

Crews and Spectators are Strongly Discouraged.  Lory State Park and Horsetooth Mountain Park are experiencing extremely high visitation, and we need to do our part to avoid over-crowding. 

There will be no expo or post-race BBQ – runners will get pizza & drinks to go, and expected to leave very soon after finishing.  Celebrate with your family & friends post-race at a great local restaurant.

Vehicles carrying runners to the start will receive a day pass for Lory State Park as part of your entry fee.  Any additional vehicles will need to pay the regular $9 park entrance fee. A Larimer County Parks pass or $9 day fee (separate from the Lory entrance fee) is required at the Horsetooth Trailhead. Carpooling is highly recommended to save on park fees and limit traffic and parking congestion.