Aid Stations

Complete aid station mileage and vertical splits are listed on the course description page here.

With the exception of the Arthur’s aid station at mile 2 and mile 48.4, all aid stations will be fully stocked and staffed with volunteers.

At mile 2, a volunteer will direct traffic onto the correct route down the valley trail but will not check bib numbers. At mile 48.4, volunteers will check bib numbers and provide limited aid support.

We are also coordinating with the Lory Park Rangers to have a limited supply of water dropped off on the access road behind Arthur’s Rock. Several water coolers will be placed at about mile 21 on the first loop and mile 29 on the second loop. Please plan on carrying enough water from Arthur’s or from the Finish area to get up and over the 7.4 mile leg. This water is primarily intended to help 50 milers who may get caught short on water on the slower trip back up and over to the Arthur’s aid station.

All full service aid stations will stock the following items:

  • VFuel bulk gel and sports drink. (Please bring your own gel flask for refills.)
  • Water and Ice (Ice may be limited at the Towers aid station)

The following items may be subject to change depending on the weather forecast and what we may find in season or on sale on race week. But you can count on a general selection of the following items:

  • Salty snacks: Pretzels, potato chips, corn chips
  • Fruit: Oranges and Bananas plus additional variety depending on what might be available (watermelon, grapes, etc.)
  • Sweets: Cookies, M&M’s
  • Soda: Coke, Mountain Dew, Ginger Ale
  • Sandwich Rolls: Flour and Corn tortillas with peanut butter and jelly or turkey and cheese.

*Aid stations will not provide water cups. All runners are required to carry their own water bottle or hydration pack.

Vfuel gel will be provided in bulk containers so please bring your own flask to fill at aid stations.

We will have a limited supply of small cups for soda and other drinks. But to help us cut down on waste, please carry an extra small bottle or flask if you can.

Drop Bags

If you have any specific personal needs, you can leave a drop bag at the Horsetooth Aid Station (Mile 10.6 and 39.8) and the Finish aid station. Drop bags can be left at the start on race morning during check in. Please keep your Horsetooth drop bag to a reasonable size (small duffel bag or stuff sack).

Drop bags will not be returned to the start until the Horsetooth aid station shuts down and packs up at the end of the day. If you finish early and need your drop bag before heading home, you are welcome to drive around to the Horsetooth trailhead (about 15 minutes) to pick up your drop bag. Items left over after the race will be left in a lost and found box at the Fort Collins Runners Roost store.