Volunteer Schedule

We hope for close-to-normal conditions on race day, as related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Current race information reflects a normal year.  Details may change as race day approaches, and any changes will be communicated to registered runners well in advance.  For reference, here are the 2020 COVID Safety Protocols.

We wouldn’t be able to put on this race without the help of our wonderful volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer at Never Summer, please sign up here. If you have questions, please email us at volunteer@gnarrunners.com.

Please review the schedule outline below and let us know which shift or shifts you are interested in. And please let us know if you have a ham radio certification, medical qualifications, or a 4WD vehicle.

We will reimburse gas expenses for any volunteer drivers who transport race gear and supplies or shuttle runners and volunteers during the race.

We will provide yurt or camping space for volunteers working multiple days or on the overnight shifts.

Tues-Wed 7/27-28
Course marking, gear/water transport, and early setup at the Gould Community Center.

Thursday 7/29
Setup at the Gould Community Center: 10am-2:30pm
60km Packet pick-up at Gould Community Center: 2:45-7:30pm

Friday 7/30
60km Parking, Check In and Set Up: 4-5:30am
Michigan Ditch 60km Aid Station (11.4): 6:30-10a
Diamond 60km Aid Station (17.2): 7:30a-1p
Montgomery 60km Aid Station (23.2): 8a-4p
Bockman 60km Station (28.2):9a-5p
60km Finish Line: Noon-7:30p
60km Safety Sweepers, Course Marshals & More! throughout the day

Saturday 7/31 – Sunday 8/1
100km Parking, Check In and Set Up: 4-5:30am
Michigan Ditch 100km Aid Station (11.4): 6:30-10am
Diamond 100km Aid Station (17.2): 7:30a-1p
Montgomery 100km Aid Station (23.2): 8a-4p
Ruby Jewel 100km Aid Station (29.4): 9:30a-5p
Kelly Lake 100km Safety Checkpoint (34.1): 10:30a-7:30p
Clear Lake 100km Aid Station (37.7-44.0): 11a-Midnight
Canadian 100km Aid Station (48.0): 1p-1:30a
Bockman 100km Aid Station (52.7): 3:30p-3:30a
Ranger Lakes 100km Aid Station (58.8): 4:30pm to 5:30am
100km Finish Line: 4:00pm to 5:30am
100km Awards Breakfast: 6a-Noon

Shuttle Vehicles:
Shuttles will make regular trips to transport drop outs from aid stations, resupply food/water as needed, and offer rides from the finish back to nearby camps and cabins.

100km Course Sweepers:
Start to Michigan Ditch (11.4 Miles)
Michigan Ditch to Diamond (5.8 Miles)
Diamond to Ruby Jewel (12.4 Miles)
Ruby Jewel to Clear Lake (8.3 Miles)
Clear Lake to Bockman (8.7 Miles)
Bockman to Finish (8.3 Miles)