Race Rules

Race rules are designed to provide a safe and fair experience for everyone involved and to help ensure our ability to produce the race again next year.

Major rule infractions by racers will result in immediate disqualification. Please do not argue with or harass our volunteers but feel free to direct any questions or complaints to Nick or Brad at racedirector@gnarrunners.com.

Course Cut Offs

The race will end at 5:30am on Sunday July 26th. Runners will start in waves of 10 every 5 minutes, beginning at 3:00a on Saturday July 25th.  Each set of 50 runners is a Wave Group, and each Wave Group will have 24-24.5 hours to complete their race.  Cut-Offs will be enforced by Wave Group at the following aid stations:

Group Diamond Ruby Jewel Clearly Canadian 2 Bockman
1 9:45a 2:30p 8:45p 1:00a
2 10:15a 3:00p 9:15p 1:30a
3 10:45a 3:30p 9:45p 2:00a
4 11:15a 4:00p 10:15p 2:30a
5 11:45a 4:30p 10:45p 3:00a
6 12:15p     3:30a

Note: Course cut offs should not be used for pacing targets to reach the finish within 24 hours. These cut offs have been set to give runners the maximum time on course and to ensure that volunteers can shut down and clean up within a reasonable time frame.

Bib Numbers and Check in

  • Runners who collect their packet are assumed to be starting.  It is the runner’s responsibility to notify race staff if they pick up their packet and elect not to start.  Search and rescue costs may be otherwise assessed.
  • At each aid station volunteers will record runner bib numbers. Runners are responsible for making sure that aid station volunteers record their number. Please make sure that your bib number is visible from the front and call out and confirm your number when passing through an aid station. This is important so that we can keep track of runners and know that you are not lost or injured.

Dropping Out

  • If you need to drop out of the race for any reason, you must check out with the nearest aid station captain and turn in your race bib pull-tag. If you do not inform us that you have dropped, we will assume that you are lost on the course. You will be held responsible for any Search and Rescue fees incurred.

Necessary Gear

  • As additional safety margin this year, runners are STRONGLY recommended to carry at all times:
    • Rain jacket
    • Gloves
    • Hat
    • Capacity for 40oz of water
    • Headlight (upon leaving Ruby Jewel Aid – mile 29.4)


  • There will be no water cups at the aid stations. Bottles can be filled at aid stations. Bottles or other supplies may not be stashed along the course. All runners must have the capacity to carry a minimum of 40 oz of water, whether in a bottle or a hydration pack. Dixie cups will be available at aid stations for carbonated beverages, but they cannot be carried out of the aid station.


  • Purposeful littering is prohibited and will result in an immediate disqualification. Carry garbage to aid stations and dispose of trash in proper garbage containers or hand garbage to a volunteer. We recommend that you carry an extra baggie to stash small wrappers and gel tabs that can easily be dropped by accident.

Stay on the Course

  • No short cutting. Please follow course markings as closely as possible.

Yield to Pedestrians and Horses

  • The trail system will be open to the public during the race. Pedestrians and Horses always have the right of way. Please be courteous and respect other people on the trail system. When approaching horses, talk to the rider and always wait until they give you permission to pass. Most riders will move their horses off the trail for you. Always try to assume higher ground when crossing paths with horses.
  • Mountain bikers are required to yield to runners but for your own safety, please use common sense and watch for blind corners and be careful when passing bikers.


  • For added safety at night, Pacers will be allowed starting at the Crew Rally Point (mile 45.3), a 2.5mi hike from the parking area at the end of the main park road.  Pacers may also be picked up or swapped at Bockman Aid (mile 52.7).
  • Pacers may not provide any assistance to their runners and are only allowed for safety and moral support.


  • Runners may not receive any additional crew aid outside of designated aid stations. Crewing on the course will result in the immediate disqualification of the runner
  • Click here for detailed directions to crew access points
  • No Parking Anywhere on Highway 14
  • No Crew Vehicle Access on the Montgomery Pass jeep road
  • No Crew Vehicle Access on the Ruby Jewel Road past the Francisco junction
  • No Crew Vehicle Access beyond the trailhead at the end of CR41 on the road to the Crew Rally Point aid station
  • No Crew Vehicle Access into the Bockman campground area past the Bockman aid station
  • Runners are limited to 2 total pacers/crew (including kids.  Pacers and crew must be pre-registered for contact tracing, sign a waiver, and wear a provided identification bib
  • Crews/pacers are asked to wait inside their vehicles as much as possible. We know cell service is extremely limited, and parking is typically single-file on a roadside, so it’s not easy to see when your runner arrives.  Be patient, use good judgment and be respectful
  • Spectators are strongly discouraged – this includes crews/pacers at aid stations where they are allowed but not needed. We discourage crews from going to aid stations where their runner has the ability to self-care – especially Diamond Aid (mile 17.2)
  • Crews/pacers must wear their bib when outside their vehicle, and maintain social distancing from other crews and aid staff

Trekking Poles

  • Trekking Poles are allowed.

Drop Bags

  • Click here for a detailed list of drop bag locations.
  • Drop bags may be dropped off at the Gould Community Center at the pre-race check-in between 3-7pm on Friday 7/24.
  • Runners may also leave a drop or finish line bag at the Gould Community Center start/finish area on race morning before the start EXCEPT for Michigan Ditch and Montgomery Aid.
  • Drop bags for Michigan Ditch (mile 11.4) and Montgomery (mile 23.2) are strongly discouraged due to space constraints, and cannot be dropped off race morning
  • Please limit your drop bags to the size of a small duffel bag, day pack, or stuff sack (approximately 16in x 12in x 8in or smaller). Volunteers have limited space to transport drop bags so please do not over-pack. You will only be out on the course for a maximum 24 hours.
  • We will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items so please do not leave any valuables in your drop bags.


  • Dogs are not allowed on the course with runners. Well behaved dogs are welcome at the Gould Community Center, aid stations, and park trailheads. Dogs must be on a 6ft leash at all times – no flexi leads or long lines and do not leave your dog tied or unattended. Please keep your dogs out of the aid station tents and out of the runner traffic lanes.


  • Please do not leave any valuables at the start/finish or aid stations. Volunteers are not responsible for returning items left behind at aid stations. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Race Headquarters & Finish

  • Gould Community Center will have a max capacity, especially for post-race warming
    • If capacity is reached, we will ask runners/crews who have spent time inside to exit to allow newly finished runners to enter
    • Runners should plan alternative recovery areas (car, tent, off-site lodging)
    • Individual runner “stations” inside will be marked off
  • Runners will receive their finisher award when they cross the line
  • Finish Line food will be served in to-go boxes
  • No Awards Ceremony/Breakfast
    • Runners are expected to depart shortly after finishing, unless camping at Race HQ
  • If fire restrictions allow a group campfire, social distancing must be observed around it

Cancellation & Refund Policy

With the exception of wait list transfers, entries are non-refundable and non-transferable. In the event the race is cancelled due to extreme weather, fire, or for some other unforeseeable event, we cannot offer refunds or credits. See our registration page for our wait list transfer policy.