Crewing & Pacing

We hope for close-to-normal conditions on race day, as related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Current race information reflects a normal year.  Details may change as race day approaches, and any changes will be communicated to registered runners well in advance.  For reference, here are the 2020 COVID Safety Protocols.

Crew Access

Crewing will be permitted at the following aid stations:

  • Diamond (17.2)
  • Ruby Jewel (29.4, 1.8 mile walk in)
  • Canadian (48.0, 1 mile walk in)
  • Bockman Road (52.7)

Pacers may meet their runner to start pacing at Canadian or Bockman. 1 Pacer is allowed per runner from Canadian to the Finish.

Crewing & Pacing Rules

  • Runners are responsible for the behavior of their crew and pacers. Any major violations by crew or pacers may result in the disqualification of the runner.
  • A State Park Pass is required to access any aid station on the course. Day passes may be purchased at the Moose Visitor Center (half a mile west of the start), Lake Agnes entrance, or the main park entrance.
  • Crewing, pacing, or giving any assistance to runners outside of designated crew aid stations is prohibited. Spectators are welcome to access additional points on the course by bike or by foot but may only spectate and provide moral support.
  • The park is open to the public so please be courteous and respectful of other hikers, bikers, and campers. Bockman and Ranger Lakes aid stations are near major campgrounds so please limit noise and please do not drive through the campground areas after dark.
  • No Parking on Highway 14
  • No Crew Vehicles are allowed on the Montgomery Jeep Rd
  • No Crew Vehicles are allowed on the Ruby Jewel Rd beyond the Francisco loop.
  • Crew Vehicles parked along any park road must not block traffic or any trail or access road gate.
  • Crews & Pacers should not interfere with aid station volunteer teams. Our volunteers work very hard for very long shifts so consider lending a hand while you wait for your runner.
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times. Dogs should be kept on a 6ft leash at all times. Please no long lines or flexi leads and do not leave your dog tied out unattended at any station. Please keep your dog out of the immediate aid station and high traffic areas.
  • Bring your own food and supplies. Aid station and finish line food and supplies are available for runners and pacers (while on course). Please pack in your own food, water, and any other supplies that you need for the weekend. Runners may purchase extra finish and breakfast meal tickets with registration. Race weekend meal purchases will be donated to our race beneficiaries.
  • No Muling (Pacers). Pacers are allowed to accompany their runner from Canadian to the Finish for safety, moral support, and company. Pacers may not assist their runner in any way to carry gear or provide aid outside of the designated aid stations. Pacers may crew for their runner and assist them like any other volunteer or crew inside designated aid stations.
  • Carpool, Carpool, Carpool. Parking space is limited on the course so please make an effort to carpool whenever possible. Before heading out to meet your runner at an aid station, check in at the Gould Community Center to see if other crews might be able to carpool. Pacers and volunteers will be looking for rides out to their stations throughout the day.

Crew Directions

**There is very limited cell phone and data service in the area. We highly recommend printing out hard copies of any maps and directions that you need in advance. You will not be able to rely on your smartphone at most locations in the park or at the start/finish.

Diamond (mile 17.2 – car accessible)

The Diamond aid location is located at the junction of the Lake Agnes and American Lakes access roads. Follow the directions to Lake Agnes.

This aid station is just a couple of miles from the Lake Agnes trailhead and six (fast highway) miles from the start/finish, making for easy crewing and spectating. This is a very easy aid station to carpool to as it is very close to the start and runners will be closer together early in the race. Crews can meet together at the Gould Community Center at the crew briefing after the race starts.

Parking at the aid station is very limited so we ask that people try to carpool if possible. Crews may park in the open area to the right of the aid station by the park dumpsters or anywhere on the right side of the access road or in the several spaces available right off the highway. Please watch for runners on the road and do not block traffic.

***There will be No Parking anywhere on Highway 14.***

If spectators want to check out the action from the top of North Diamond (11,850′), which runners will be summiting as the high point on the course at mile 21, then it’s a little over a mile with 1,500ft of climbing, if accessed from Cameron Pass (where there is a good-sized parking lot). The trail from Cameron Pass is good, but not marked. To find it, follow the creek to the northwest of the parking area. The trail follows the creek to treeline after which it is a steep hoof for the summit (right peak). Approaching from the west side on the course route adds another couple of miles in getting to the summit and limited parking is available in the picnic area turn out (the original aid station location). We’re expecting the first runners to be through Hwy 14 in three to three and a half hours, and on top of Diamond in four hours or so. This would be a unique way to take in the race action, and the views from the top of North Diamond are definitely worth the hike.

Spectators may also bike or hike in on the Michigan Ditch road. The road is an easy bike ride from Cameron Pass for families with kids, and you can see runners on their way to the American Lakes aid station (~3 miles from Cameron Pass) or you can bike in 5.2 miles and then hike just about a third of a mile up to Lake Agnes.

Ruby Jewel (mile 29.4 – 1.8 mile (400′) hike in)

The Ruby Jewel road will only be open to park visitors and volunteers. Crew cars will have to park on the side of the Ruby Jewel Road anywhere before the Francisco Loop junction (watch for signs) or further down on the side of the main park road (CR41) and hike, run or bike 1 to 2 miles (400′) up the Ruby Jewel Road to the aid location. Ruby Jewel is a very narrow, rough road so please drive carefully and watch for runners and other traffic on the road. Please pull over as far as you can to leave the roadway clear.

From Cameron Pass, it’s just over 11 miles west to the main park entrance by the North Park campgrounds. Make a right into the park and follow CR41 five miles to the Ruby Jewel Rd intersection.

Canadian – (mile 48.0 – 1 mile hike in)

Crew cars will park at the trailhead at the northern end of CR41, three to four miles up the road from the Ruby Jewel intersection. It is about 1 mile of gently downhill dirt road to the Canadian aid location.

Your runners are going to take a long time getting there from Ruby Jewel. It will take the front of the field between four and five hours, so don’t be in any hurry to get out there from Ruby Jewel. Go check out Jewel Lake (11,300′) another 2.5 miles and 1,600 ft up the trail from the Ruby Jewel aid location. If you’re feeling perky, hoof steeply for Clark Peak (12,950′), which towers over the lake and is the high point in the Medicine Bow Mountains. The views are well worth it if you can get it all done in time.

Bockman Road Crossing (mile 52.7 – car accessible)

Runners will be crossing the Bockman Campground Road at mile 52.7, where there will be crew access at the aid station. Parking will be along the side of the road before you get to the trail crossing and aid station.

From the Canadian parking lot, it is 5 miles to the left turn onto CR41B or Bockman Campground Road. The aid and crew location is 3/4 of a mile down 41B.

It is also not far from the Bockman Campground, so please do not drive past the aid station location and keep noise levels down during the night.