All finishers will receive a unique award for finishing. There will also be overall and age group awards in the following categories:

Top 3 Overall
Top 3 Masters (40-49)
Top 3 Grandmasters (50+)

With the addition of wave starts in 2020, Overall and Age Group awards will be based on Net Time (the actual amount of time it takes the runner to go from the starting line to the finish line).  The race for awards is essentially a giant time trial.

Runner A starts in the 3:05a wave and finishes at 4:05p (Net Time 11:00)
Runner B starts in the 3:30a wave and finishes at 4:15p (Net Time 10:45)
Runner B finishes ahead of Runner A for awards purposes. 

This also means awardees cannot be confirmed until a Net Time equal to theirs has elapsed from the last wave started.  With a 2.5hr span of wave starts, this means we will not be able to confirm the overall winner until at most 2.5hrs after their finish.  Overall and age group awards will be mailed.

Runners who switch to the 60K mid-race will not be eligible for 60K awards.

All finishers receive a finisher award, which will be handed to them when they cross the line.