Gnar Slam

The Grand Gnar Slam award is recognition for those runners who complete all Gnar Runners trail running events in one calendar year. The Gnar Slam consists of the following four races:

  • Quad Rock 50 mile (14 hours)
  • Never Summer 100km (24 hours)
  • Black Squirrel Half Marathon (5:30 hours)
  • Blue Sky Marathon (9 hours)

The 2017 season will be the first year that we ‘officially’ recognize the completion of this Northern Colorado trail running series. Since 2015, the first year of the Never Summer 100km, we have had four ‘unofficial’ completers.

  • 2015 
    • Rob ‘The Pioneer’ Raguet-Schofield (33:11:55)
  • 2016
    • Elijah ‘The Prophet’ Flenner (27:14:14)
    • Aaron ‘Double A’ Youngberg (31:24:40)
    • Brian ‘Double B’ Boyes (37:06:13)

This year, we will be keeping track of times and standings of Grand Gnar Slam participants as the season progresses, with updates after the results of the Never Summer 100, Black Squirrel Half and Blue Sky Marathon have been posted. To weight each race equally, in-season standings will be calculated based on a percentage of the winning time (male/female) of each race.

Finisher Year QR50 NS100K BSH BSM Total Points
Elijah Flenner  2016 86.01 94.05 89.10 92.10 361.26
Aaron Youngberg 2016 77.37 76.53 85.13 89.66 328.69
Rob Raguet-Schofield 2015 71.17 79.30 88.88 85.26 324.61
Brian Boyes 2016 63.93 64.69 81.14 77.22 286.98

You do not have to register for the Slam to be included. Awards will be distributed at the Blue Sky Marathon awards ceremony.  


Elijah Flenner’s 2016 Slam award haul