2015 Quad Rock Course and Race Updates

Dear Runners – barring sustained torrential rains between now and Saturday (in which case, the parks have reserved the right to cancel the event), we have been given the go-ahead from both park authorities to proceed with the race as planned. Given the amount of moisture we’ve received over the last three or four days, and with more in the forecast, we have had to make a number of changes to the course route in order to avoid causing undue damage to particularly sensitive trails, most notably the lower lying trails in the valley.

Here is the updated map. Click the image to download a printable PDF.

For those familiar with the trails, here are the particulars:

– From the Arthurs TH, we will be routing up the Mill Creek Link, connecting with Loggers in Horsetooth and dropping on Sawmill to Stout to rejoin the course for the usual Stout-Towers-Spring Creek section.
– At the Spring Creek 3-way junction, we will head right on the Soderberg service road to get to the Horsetooth aid station, rather than the regular route on the Falls trail.
– From there the route will remain the same to the top of Howard in Lory. At the top of the Howard climb (last one for 25 milers), runners will head left on Lory’s Westridge two-track trail taking the long way to Timber.
– The route will descend on Timber to Well Gulch, where runners will head right down the beautiful Well Gulch drainage to rejoin the park road into the finish.
– 50 milers will run the exact same route in reverse for their second loop.
– Aid station mileages remain exactly the same, with the exception that the final leg between Arthurs and the Finish will be approximately a half mile shorter.
– The route as described above is approximately 24.5 miles, with an additional 300 to 400 feet of climbing and descending versus the standard route.

The trails we are using have been chosen for the particular reason that they drain exceptionally well or are wide enough so as to not be in danger of excessive abuse. With that said, we do make the simple request that you absolutely avoid the temptation to run to the side, or outside of trails where there is heavy mud. Your feet are going to be wet on Saturday: embrace it, run through the mud and puddles, stay on the trail. The park managers have been exceptionally accommodating to allow us to continue as planned, so please do them this simple favor.

Other notes:

  • It’s going to be wet, plan kit accordingly. Bring dry, warm clothes to change into after you finish.
  • Please drive SLOWLY on the Lory service road when entering the park in the morning and leaving in the afternoon. Please, please, please look to carpool if you can.
  • There will be no water drop between Arthurs aid station and the finish, so please plan accordingly.
  • There will be no kids race this year.
  • A copy of the previous race communication, which came through incomplete for some, is available on the Gnar Gnews section of the website. This communication will also be posted there.
  • Elevation Tat will be providing free temporary tattoos of the elevation profile for pick up at Altitude Running with the rest of your packet on Friday afternoon. Bibs will still be distributed race morning. These are being provided courtesy of Presenting Sponsor, Altra Running.

As trying as these last couple of days have been for Pete, me and our partners at Larimer County Department of Natural Resources (Horsetooth Mountain Park) and Lory State Park, we’re still super excited for a fun day on Saturday. We look forward to seeing you.

Nick Clark & Pete Stevenson

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