Runners Roost and Highgear Altimeters

We are excited to announce that we are bringing two more sponsors on board the Quad Rock train.

The Fort Collins Runners Roost exemplifies the mission of the local running store. Steve Cathcart and his team of knowledgeable staff are passionate about running and the running community, and this shines through at all levels of the sport from youth to elite and from roads to trail.

Next time you’re considering an online running purchase, remember that these guys are part of the lifeblood of our running community, and they offer the kind of invaluable advice on products, training and local running that you just can’t get from an online retailer out in who-knows-where land. Buy local folks!

We are also excited to welcome Highgear as a sponsor. The accumulated course elevation gain/ descent was measured with a Highgear Axio HR and we’ll be giving the same watches away as overall, age group and raffle prizes.

Highgear watches offer accurate altimeter, barometric pressure and compass readings, in addition to traditional chronograph/split functions among many other regular watch features. They are absolutely indispensable for adventurous long outings in the mountains.

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