2010 Blue Sky Marathon Comments and Reports from the Runners

Blog reports and photos:

2010 Overall Male Winner, Chris Grauch’s Race Report.

Matt Perry’s Race Report

Ashley Waddell’s Race Report

Report from Tower’s Aid Station Captain, Nick Clark

This is a great video presentation by Chris Grauch:


I had a wonderful day at the Blue Sky race. It seem everyone was enjoying just as much as me if not more! The perfect event.

Thanks to all the Fort Collins Trail Runners that worked to make the race happen.

To me the community feel is a big part of what elevates this race. All the volunteers were completely dedicated. That was impressive – thanks! Besides the running, it was a real treat to meet many local runners and share a story.

Don Walker

Once again a wonderful job to you all. I enjoyed the new course even more than last year, though the walk at the end hurt (it reminded me of my many, many mountain climbing days, when all you want to do see the car and you’ve still got a long walk back to the car). I love how you call us by our name – when you’re suffering little things like that can really help. And the spread at the end, goodie bags and aid station were all great.

Thanks for putting on a great race.

Dan England

What a great event! This was my second half marathon, and my first trail half marathon. I have never had so much fun during a race – beautiful weather, gorgeous trails, and super friendly volunteers made this my favorite event to date. My husband and I got married three weeks ago and then backpacked the Colorado Trail for two weeks – so there was not a lot of training for this race! Maybe not my best time, but I certainly had the best time. Thanks for all your hard work – I’ll definitely be there next year!

Joselyne (Sulzner) Perry

Many thanks for a wonderful race. The race was incredibly well organized, the volunteers were wonderful, the course was beautiful, and the other runners were very friendly. The volunteers actually radioed names of runners to the Indian Summer aid station, and I was greeted by first name when I arrived at the aid station. Thanks! That was a very special touch. I really enjoyed the morning, and I hope that the Fort Collins runners continue organizing this event. It was probably one of the most enjoyable races that I have run.

Michael Wunsch

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