High Park Fire Has No Impact on Quad Rock Course – 2013 Date Set

While the effects of the devastating High Park Fire will be felt for years to come here in Fort Collins, we were very fortunate that the trail networks of Lory State Park and Horsetooth Mountain Park were left essentially untouched by the blaze. In fact, the Timber Trail at Lory acted as a line of defense for the rest of the park, with back burning taking place west from the trail to keep the fire from moving east and south into the park and towards town.

This means that the 2nd annual Quad Rock will go ahead as planned on May 11, 2013.

We are in preliminary discussions with sponsors and vendors, but the event focus will be much the same as last year: great course, impeccable marking, great awards, great food, great music, and tons of fun for everyone.

Registration will open in December.

Backburn from Timber Trail

Scrub burn above Timber Trail in Lory

Looking west from Lory Westridge into part of the burn area in Redstone Canyon

Timber Trail Fireline


High Park Fire Update

We’ve had several emails asking about the status of our 2012 event and the impact of the High Park fire.

As of now, the fire has been 100% contained and none of the trail systems that the Blue Sky Marathon runs on have been affected. The fire reached the northwest border of Lory State park but crews were able to contain it at the border of the Timber Trail and Well Gulch. All trails in Lory State Park are in good shape and are currently open to the public. Horsetooth Mountain Park and the Devil’s Backbone Open Space were not affected by the fire.

The current fire containment doesn’t mean that it is out completely. It will take a large amount of rain or more likely snow later this fall to fully put out the fire. So there is still a risk that it could restart at some point this summer. The majority of our Blue Sky Marathon course runs through the Devil’s Backbone Open Space where there is little to no risk of fire on the actual course. But there is still a chance that our race could be cancelled due to park or road closures from fire activity in our area.

Every year there is always a chance that park management could cancel our event due to extreme rain and mud, snow, or fire. But we feel that the risk of cancelling our race this year is no greater than any other year and plan to proceed with the event as usual.

For the most accurate maps and news updates, you can check out the DTS Wildfire site here: